Barcelona Days

Jan 08, 2017

Day 1 Barcelona Spain

Day 2 Barcelona Spain

A Panoramic Tour & Walk of Barcelona
This excursion provides a great way to see the highlights of Barcelona. During a relaxing drive around this impressive Mediterranean city, you will pass the Columbus Monument and Port Vell, the seaside cultural and shopping complex. Admire the Arc de Triomf, a stately remnant from the 1888 World’s Fair and take in the breathtaking Parc de la Ciutadella, once home to the garrison that protected the city. Next, you will alight your coach and walk into the historic center, stopping to view the stunning neo-Gothic Barcelona Cathedral. This 14th-century marvel is adorned with a wide range of animal and mythical gargoyles; its interior is a wonder of vaulted ceilings buttressed by soaring columns. Later, enjoy free time in the heart of Old Barcelona browsing its shops or lingering at a café before returning to your ship. Please note the religious services may prevent interior visits of the cathedral.

Day 3 Toulon, France

Get acquainted with this elegant city built by Baron Haussmann, Napoleon’s celebrated city planner who later designed central Paris. Meet your guide and begin your panoramic drive in the pleasant district of Le Mourillon, once a tiny fishing village. Stop at the Tour Royale, a stout 16th-century fortress, for exceptional views of the inner bay, the first military harbor of France. Today, pleasure boats dominate the docks, blending with the charming Old Town and the rising mountain slopes to create a distinct canvas. Continue past golden sand beaches and take in the tree-lined vistas of Corniche du Cap Brun, then drive along Corniche Marius Escartefigue on the breathtaking southern slopes of Mt. Faron. Downtown, admire some of Haussmann’s contributions including the grand Opéra de Toulon, France’s second largest opera house, the graceful Place de la Liberté and the walls of the Old Town, from where Napoleon departed for his successful Italian campaign.

Day 4 Monaco


Enjoy a walking tour through the heart of the medieval quarter of Monaco, known as “The Rock,” with the spectacular Mediterranean as your backdrop. You’ll walk to the foot of “The Rock,” then make your way uphill with your guide. In Monaco’s main square, the Place du Palais, see the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, home to the House of Grimaldi since 1297. Then pass St. Nicholas Cathedral. A young church by European standards, it was consecrated in 1875. This is the burial site of the royal family, including American actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly. Also admire the majestic Oceanographic Museum, soaring above the sea on a cliffside. Returning to the Place du Palais, depending on the time of your tour, you may have the opportunity to watch the daily changing of the guard outside the palace walls. Remain in town to shop or have lunch on your own before returning to your ship.

Day 5 Corcica France


This panoramic included tour provides the ideal overview of historic Ajaccio and its beautiful surroundings. Drive with your guide to the Place de Gaulle, where you can admire the statue of the emperor Napoleon and his four brothers. Pass the Assemblée Régionale, elegant Belle Epoque houses and another statue of Napoleon — a replica of the imposing original that watches over his tomb at Les Invalides in Paris — in the Place d’Austerlitz–Casone. Follow the magnificent villa-dotted coast to the Sanguinaires Islands, or Blood Islands, and view the remarkably preserved 16th-century Genoese Towers. Back in Ajaccio, visit the baroque cathedral where Napoleon was christened in 1771. A walking tour through Old Town passes Casa Bonaparte, the ancestral home of the Bonaparte family and a national museum, and the Place Foch, home to an impressive fountain and market. Explore at your leisure, or follow your guide back to your ship.



See the famous Leaning Tower and its magnificent Square of Miracles on this included tour. You will join your guide for a scenic drive through Tuscany to Pisa. The origins of this ancient city are unclear, but the presence of an Etruscan necropolis points to a very long history. Upon arrival, walk to the Piazza dei Miracoli, or the Square of Miracles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the marble-clad Romanesque Pisa Cathedral you will discover a breathtaking interior adorned with Byzantine-influenced mosaics. It is said that Galileo formulated his theory of pendulums here by observing an incense burner swinging from the ceiling. Also in the square, you will see the grand circular Baptistery, the famous Leaning Tower, which took 177 years to build, and the walled Camposanto Monumentale, said to be the most beautiful cemetery in the world. After your tour, you will have free time to explore.


Snapshots of Rome (Included)

Relax and take in the sights of Rome, admiring historic monuments and glorious architecture on a leisurely drive along some of the city’s most scenic routes. See ancient Roman sites including Capitoline Hill and the Aurelian Walls, Baths of Caracalla, Pyramid of Cestius, Colosseum and Circus Maximus. Admire the Arch of Constantine, the best triumphal arch in the city, built in 315 AD to celebrate Constantine’s victory at the battle of the Milvian Bridge. Drive along the elegant Via Veneto, enjoying views of Villa Borghese Park. At Piazza Repubblica, admire the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the Fountain of the Naiads. Driving along the Tiber River, see the Great Synagogue of Rome and Tiber Island. Make a photo stop at the Circus Maximus and enjoy some free time in the Vatican area. As you depart Rome, the great facade of St. Peter’s Basilica will come into view. Return to your ship for lunch on board.

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